We booked our photographer Nicholas to take pictures of a dining room we've been working on. Unfortunately, the prints we ordered for the space hadn't arrived yet, so rather than waste his time, we asked Nicholas to take pictures of my house instead. Nicholas is very professional and does not rest until he gets the shot he wants. I had to force him to eat in the middle of the day because he hadn't stopped working. Not to mention that he manages to capture the best angles, the best lighting and all that other magic that great photographers do. If you've seen pics of my house on here in the past, you will notice a big difference in the quality of photography. He is fantastic. You can reach him at Nicholas.e.theodorou@gmail.com.


Chris and I lived in an old century home on a busy street. We loved our home and our neighbourhood but as soon as Max was able to scoot around on a bike, the street seemed busier and our joined nostalgia of growing up playing in front of our houses became ever more prominent. Chris was still resisting a move but on the long weekend of September ( a year and a half ago) my MLS surfing paid off. I showed him a listing for a simple two story home on a cul de sac in our neighbourhood. The fixer in him was sold. I believe what he said was, you can do anything with a brick house, so we bought it on a whim.  And that's when I started to get nervous because the house was not the one of my dreams but I knew this was my one opportunity to move and I loved the street.

So fast forward 8 months and a reno that turned into a gut and an add-on and a dig-down and a build-out and we got ourselves an open floor plan, white walls, an ensuite and walk in closet never previously had, and a finished basement to host all of the kids' toys. Ta da!

Here are some pics of our home, minus the basement and a couple bathrooms and my closet which was too messy to photograph.  It is forever a work in progress because I am constantly wanting a different look or feel but that's also all the fun, right?