Kate, Side table 1

I'm on the hunt for a great side table.  As of now, I keep returning to the one above.  When I initially started planning my living room it was going to be very light.  Think a lot of cream, white and light wood.  Then I bought some black chairs and the whole look changed and now I'm into a lot of black, white, cream and light wood.  Reading that may seem like all I did was add one colour but I intend to do a mood board so that everyone can see how different the looks really are.  The chairs really did change the whole feel. (I will post them shortly along with my new mantle!!!)  It's amazing how you can go into decorating a room with a plan and then you can find one piece and the whole thing changes on a dime.

Anyway back to the table, the black and light wood tie in the chairs and I love the midcentury look.  I also love that it's multi-functional, it can be used as a tray, a stool or a side table.  Check it out here.  Plus for $199.95 it's a good deal.  No purchases will be made until after Christmas so I have a lot of time to think on exactly what is right for the space.  Stay tuned.