My friend Natalia sent me a link to a vacation home that she visits once a year just outside of New York.  It's her chance to get away from the busy and enter the calm. And this house absolutely exudes calm. It's a great example of how white can be really warm and how a get-away can really be a get-away. The history behind the house, as Natalia explained, is that some of the original Dutch settlers arrived via the Hudson River to New Paltz to settle. They built these magnificent stone houses and two centuries later this one still stands, sitting on 12 acres of land amidst the deer and the trees and neighbouring an organic farm where you can buy fresh local produce on your daily stroll.

Am I painting the right picture?








The rental listing can be found here if you're looking for a relaxing escape. Natalia regaled me with images of hiking and cooking and listening to Fleetwood Mac in the comfort of a fire and lovely surroundings. So appealing.