This cold weather and snow has totally enhanced my obsession for the blanket scarf trend. The second it starts getting chilly I am consumed with how to stay warm. Most warm items, however, don't improve your look; like my flannel pyjamas, my huge down winter coat, any hat on my head (just flattens my hair even more.) So I'm thrilled with the whole wearing-a-blanket-like-a-scarf thing that's happening because it's both warm and stylish! Here are some examples.



Found here.



Found here.


Found here.

I don't have one yet. Maybe the perfect Christmas gift?

On another note, the new ELTE MKT is opening this weekend and that's pretty exciting. A lower price point and a younger target market is right up my alley!

Lastly, I was looking at my last post about Christmas decorating and my pictures are horrible. So sorry!! You can't even tell that there are lights on the mantle. My bad.

I will post better pics after I decorate some more.