Kate, My blogging record has sucked for the past few months.  I'm sorry!  All I can say is that trying to navigate this new piece in our lives has taken some adjustment and sometimes something has to give and unfortunately it's been the blog.  Also, Isla is at this stage that lasts a good 8 months where you feel like you can't get much accomplished because she is a constant danger to herself. Luckily I'm a few months in already so I think I have about 6 months more to go...but I have a few posts in mind this week so I'm vowing to do better.

I thought I would share something I'm considering right now for my living room.  Ta da!  The sheepskin stool!  stools

 Via La Dolce Vita

A little bit soft, a little bit glam and a whole lot of cool.  I've liked them for a while but just recently have been having one of those can't stop thinking about them obsessions.  I'm going between the stools or the bench but I think I may ask for these for Christmas.  That or a treatment at W skin care but that's a whole other post.

Back to the stool or bench.  I found these here and here so far but I'm kinda digging the gold on the ones on the pic above.



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