Project Kings Lynn is all wrapped up like a pretty package. The story goes like this. Our clients wanted a formal living room to host guests but also a tranquil space to read a book and relax. They requested a monochromatic, soft and neutral palette. So that was our goal.

The room was a good size so we immediately thought to fit two couches into the space, with the intent that positioned on either side of the fireplace the room would feel balanced and draw your attention to the coziest part of the room and facilitate good conversation and easy entertaining. We spent a sizeable part of the budget on the two couches and the coffee table leaving us to be creative about everything else: art, accents, console tables.

The carpet, the couches and the soft woods were all neutral so we chose to accent with black detailing on throw pillows, frames and rods. Then subtle lavender pieces that are easily interchangeable on the mantle, one of the pillows and vases on the shelves. Should our clients choose to switch up their accent colour down the road they can do so very easily.

When you walk in their front door you can only see the east side of the room so we needed to make that wall impactful. A window on one side meant that anything we did would be off centre. The two shelves with curated decorative items was what we decided on.

The art on either side of the doorway is from sarah swanson gallery wall art on etsy. It is simple and fresh.

Then the last piece was making the room personal. The frame on the mantle is a picture of our clients' kids and one of the pictures on the shelves is a photograph taken by our clients' close friend.

Oh, and no room is complete without a fiddle leaf fig tree.





Photographs courtesy of Nicholas Theodorou

-Kate and Amanda