Kate, one love 2


There's been a lot of talk in the last few years about products that are safe for your children, your body and your home.  I try to do some things but without a doubt I could do better. I buy safe bath products for my kids, I use vinegar to clean almost everything, I use Dr. Bronner's body wash and a free of sulphates shampoo but that's about it...so yes, I could do a lot better.

Some companies market themselves as being free of chemicals that cause cancer without being completely truthful.  They are supposed to be "safe" and then I'm reading on goop that it really isn't all that it's marketed to be which leads me to be angry at myself for not being more thorough. There's a list of chemicals that we are supposed to look out for when buying products but to be truthful, in my case, I don't actually pick up the bottle to look through the list of ingredients.  I do a quick scan at the packaging of the products and if I see "free of sulphates and parabens" I throw it in the basket the majority of the time.  I need someone else to do the research for me because when I'm in a store with my kids it's a quick in and out with no time to peruse slowly through the aisle's.  I'm sure a lot of you feel the same.  That's why Holly & Ivy is such a great find.  Holly & Ivy is Donna Sheenan's brain child and passion. The link between breast cancer and the products we put on our body is real and she recognized a need for a one stop shop for all beauty related products that are both"luxurious and healthy."  Which is HUGE for me because I really, really do not want to sacrifice a great product/outcome for a product that is healthy or vice versa.  I want both!  The best part though is that 50 percent of their net profit is donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund.

Donna was kind enough to send me a few samples. I love samples! I was pretty giddy when I opened the pretty box full of samples.  I used the One Love Organics product line in Hawaii and I have to say that I loved Skin Saviour Waterless.  It has an awesome orange smell and moisturizes really well.  I love that it has many uses-makeup remover, moisturizer, hair tamer.  It feels greasy initially but then miraculously is absorbed into the skin quickly and leaves it baby soft.  I also loved the Morning Glory Complexion Brightening Booster.  It made my skin feel silky and gave it a nice glow. (My aunt actually literally told me out of nowhere that my skin was glowing!) I have to say I'm huge on the glow.  I use a vitamin C serum because it's anti aging but also because I notice a difference in the glow factor.  My serum is pretty expensive though so I would happily trade that in for this product.  My favourite is Brand New Day.  You can use it as a scrub or a masque, I've only done the scrub, but it leaves your skin feeling super clean and smooth.

I'm now about to move on to the Elizabeth Dehn product line.  There will be a review of them after I use up my samples but from the write up and the packaging, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, I think I'm going to love it.  I'm also going to purchase the John Masters Organic hair care line because I've read about it several times and have only heard excellent things.  I'm that girl with the frizzy dry hair, which I also bleach, so I need a really great conditioner.  I've yet to find one that is a healthy option that is good enough to tame my mane!  I'm very hopeful that the above conditioner will do the job.

I know good products are an investment but I really believe investing in your skin is money well spent.  I always notice if someone has beautiful skin and it's only going to become more important as we age.  I also love putting something on my skin that is guilt free.  So check it out, get some samples if you feel unsure and be good to yourself.  Here's to health and beauty!