Kate, Have you ever noticed that you tend to pin the same persons pins repeatedly on pinterest? Almost to the point that you may as well not even bother having a pinterest because really you can just look at the other persons page because it so accurately describes what you love.  I feel that way about Caitlin Flemming and her pinterest page.  I repin A LOT of her stuff.  She also has a blog that I love with great fashion picks, recipes and design.  Here are some of the images that I recently pinned from her that I'm finding very inspirational at the moment.


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CF 1

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CF 6

On a personal note, I've decided to get a head start on Halloween and by that I do not mean sewing costumes...I mean eating an unspeakable amount of mini chocolates.  The trick is to fight the moment of weakness when the little devil on your shoulder tells you can just have one because that never happens.