Amanda, So I was perusing Madewell's site and came across a pair of jeans that reminded me of the old-school 501's that every model wore growing up and managed to look so comfortable and so stylish in at the same time. Since I have a pair of Madewell jeans, I didn't even glance at the price because I was assuming they'd be around the $150 mark, since that's what I spent on mine and I'm getting excited because they are kind of like the boyfriend jeans that I own and would wear everyday, but a bit more tailored. Then I notice the price tag and gasp. $506.00!

Now I'm thinking, what is so special about these jeans that they are worth this much? The description talks about how they are made out of a special jean that you can only get in Japan call Chimala and while all of this information and the price tag should turn me away it actually does the opposite - I start obsessing about how amazing they must be!

Take a look.

And anyone reading, let me know if you have these or know anyone who does? I'm intrigued.



Here's the link if you want to check them out yourself: madewell chimala denim