Kate, valley

I bought new sunglasses for myself in Hawaii and I can honestly say I have never had so many people ask me what kind of glasses I have.  I have received so many compliments on these puppies!  Three things I love about them- the Carl Zeiss lenses, the matte black frame, the shape. The only issue is that you cannot buy them in Canada...I know, this blows but you can buy them online.  Here's what I can tell you if you're brave enough to order them.  The frame is a bit heavy but unless you are wearing them for hours and hours at a time it's not an issue.  After about 3 hours of wearing them straight in Hawaii they began to hurt me a bit.  If you're from Canada and you take your sunnies on and off all day, you'll be just fine.  Also, they look good on pretty much everyone that has tried them on unless you have a small head/face.  In that case they are too big on the face!

The glasses above are the DB matte black/black lens.  I also loved the snow leopard and almost got them instead.  Check them out here.  Definitely my favourite purchase in a long time.