Amanda, I went to the Fall Home Show today and thought I'd gather some inspiration there but was sorely disappointed. I discovered a Garage Organization company that would be the thing of Chris' dreams but can't happen right now... I'd love to surprise him at some point - like a "Pimp his garage" kinda scenario. But that was it.

Anyway, we did have a beautiful weekend, packed with new activities and outdoor fun. Two swims in the pool, lots of socializing and some great food. Consequently, not much got done around the house.

However, this week I did feel inspired by your mantel post. It reminded me of this idea I had a while back to make a garden out of my mantel. So I gathered all of the potted plants I had around the house and arranged them in a couple different formations until it felt right. The true test was that when Chris got home he immediately said "that looks nice." When normally he sighs in exasperation that something again has  been changed.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 1

On another note, Meg sent me a link to this recipe for Strawberry Cream Scuffins!  A combination of muffin and scone. ha. I especially love that there are strawberries involved so will definitely try to make this soon. Beware you have to log into BHG to get the recipe. Here's a pic: