Kate, Remember yesterday when we were talking about my mantel that STILL isn't installed and what I should do over it?  Well I continued to think about it last night and I remembered that I had seen pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Brodericks' home when I was in Hawaii and that I had loved their mantels.  Btw, they have SEVEN fireplaces in their townhome.....S E V E N!  Can you imagine!?  Most of the mantels have art hung over them but as you can see below two of the walls above are bare and several urns line the mantle.  I love it!  I love that it doesn't take away from the art on either side and that it looks so clean.  I think I'll be off to Homesense today after gymnastics to see if I can start my collection for my mantel.

Just as an aside, here are two links to her townhome.  The first is what it looks like now and this one is from when they tried to sell it 2 years ago.  As you can see the now is a streamlined version of what it was before.  I think we would both prefer the now but I'm interested in what everyone else thinks?