Kate, Sunrise

Hawaii was wonderful.  We stayed in a beautiful beach house the first week that I'm not sure pictures can do justice to but let me just say I was like "really!? I get to stay here for a week!!!" I can't wait to show you all the pictures.  I've realized that maybe missing the first two weeks of September when you have children has added a bit of stress to my life.  Getting back into the swing of things, not to mention the time zone, has left me frazzled.  I feel like I've been thrust quite suddenly into fall and back to school (although I haven't even gotten Peter back into Nursery School).  There are a bit too many balls that I feel I am juggling- I will not bore you with the details because it's pretty mundane. I think I just need the weekend to sort everything out. I will say that although I miss the spectacular sunrises and sunsets and Hawaii in general, I am quite enjoying the weather here.  I hope everyone else has transitioned well to fall, back to school and new schedules.  I can't wait to feel on top of things next week.