Amanda, As you know, yesterday was my thirty-fifth birthday. It was a grey and rainy day. I decided to embrace it and stayed home for most of the day, made muffins and played with the kids. I had a couple moments of contemplation since birthdays tend to bring that on - one was, wow, I can't believe I'm 35! It feels like yesterday that I was dating Chris and staying up really late. But my other thought was, of course I'm 35. I've got wrinkles around my eyes and now I go to bed at 10:30 pm.

Anyway, the highlights of the day were the tulips Chris and the kids gave me in the morning, the dinner I had out at La Cubana with the hubby and the surprise birthday gift that he gave me since I thought I had already received my birthday gift. What I liked most about the gifts were how "me" they were.

Some pics:

In no particular order: A book about Scandinavian decor, one of my favourite flowers, a tiny marble bowl with a gold spoon, a marble slab, a wooden tray and a gold picture frame that I actually like without a picture in it.

Happy Birthday to me!