Amanda, It always starts with a little thing. In this case it was the mantle. I looked over one day and decided I didn't want the black anymore. I liked the look but since our first floor is entirely open concept I felt like the sight line jarred a bit when you looked from the back of the house to the front. I wanted... wait for it...a white mantle with more of an organic feel that complimented the rest of the house.

So I painted the mantle. We had all the paint in the basement so that was easy. And since I was going for that light organic look, I pulled the mirror from my bedroom which is a washed wood look and threw it up there and then played around with the plants I have in the house until it felt right.

Chris found a coffee table on kijiji since it was always the piece that was missing in that room - the thing that stopped us from having a coffee there or reading a book on that couch.

Lastly, I found a great carpet at EQ3 for $100. A total steal. And exactly what i was looking for... woody tones, light and bright.

Anyway, to Chris' chagrin, we are constantly evolving over here. But I can't help it!