This house is particularly special to both Amanda and I. We have mutual friends, Trish and Mike, who originally owned this house - a historic brick home in Etobicoke that used to be a fire station. Trish and Mike did a fantastic job of renovating it and opening up the main floor and then subsequently sold it to Heather and Damien (very good friends of mine,) who have since poured their heart and soul into this open concept space to make it their own. If you were to meet Heather, you'd say, wow, does that girl ever sit down? She is beyond energetic, upbeat and hilarious. This translates to her home. Her incredible energy has her hosting you in a way that she preempts your every desire. Do you need water? Wine? Chocolates? Cheese and crackers? Fresh homemade brownies? She's on it. Which is half the reason why I love Heather's home. The other reason is because it has a warmth and comfort that comes through the abundance of pictures everywhere, the pink accents, the numerous pillows, the jars of candy and fresh flowers. It just screams, enjoy.

Anyway, you be the judge.