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Isla's 1st Birthday 068-2

My baby is one!  I can't believe it.  It went so much faster the second time and it left me a touch sad.  I already know how fast it goes from here on in.   I can't get over the fact that she wont be my little baby for much longer.  It was a great weekend of celebration though.  It makes me laugh when I think about how Mike and I always said we could never have a baby in August because it's so busy for us.  Literally within 6 days we have my birthday, our anniversary, Mike's birthday and now Isla's.  Poor planning on our part but then again, Isla was supposed to be a September baby and decided to make a busy week, even busier, by sharing her father's birthday.

As you know I made Bo Ssam for her birthday party.  I wanted something that was going to be easy, would allow us to be free of the grill and kitchen for much of the party and be affordable since, let's face it, when you add in wine, cake, appetizers, pizza for the kids, loot bags and decorations it starts to get expensive.  I had Bo Ssam at a friends place a while ago and kept it in mind for the next big get together and I must say it went well.  Every last bit went!  Here is the recipe I followed.  The only thing I did differently was add hoisin sauce as an option.  Sorry that I didn't take pictures of it!  I just lined everything up in the order you're supposed to put it together.

The chalkboard picture is something we did so that we could remember her milestones.  I'm not really a baby book kinda of gal so I thought this would be a nice momento.  We have had the chalkboard wall for while so it was a very easy project.  Mike wrote it all out since my writing is not the nicest to say the least.

All in all, I think the party went well and I can honestly say I think I enjoyed myself the most this party out of any because I really wasn't trapped in the kitchen.  I hope I'm getting better at this entertaining thing!

Oh yeah, most importantly, the ice cream cake was from Ed's Scoop.