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You want to know the problem with Birks?  They are so darn comfortable that you wear them with just about anything and then end up with a pretty distinct tan line on your feet.  If you look at the top picture it's kinda hard to miss the mark across my feet!  I guess I need to start applying sunscreen to my feet as well.  Anyways, I've been looking for a pair of leopard shoes for a while and although there are plenty I liked these were the winners.  You can find them here and they are on sale.  Club Monaco has a beautiful collection of shoes.  Especially all the new fall stuff.  If you don't want to order online and live in Toronto the Bay and Bloor location apparently has the entire collection.

Mike kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday but I took care of it myself.  I bought these amazing coated moto jeans.  They are ridiculously comfortable.  I live in black skinnies so I wanted to add a little versatility to my wardrobe with a coated pair.  Speaking of black skinnies though, I need a new pair as my last ones had holes in the bum which I didn't figure out until after I got home...that was really fun, showing off my bare bum without knowing it!  I have several pairs I'm liking right now.  You can find them here, here, here and here.

Last but not least.  These shades are my new favourite.  I love the matte black and big frame. They are available online and in the states in CA, NJ or Hawaii.  Lucky for me I'm going to Hawaii in a week so I'm hoping that they have that exact pair there.

Happy Friday!


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