Amanda, My mother in law collects vintage everything - she is incredibly sentimental and loves anything with meaning. I was at her house last week and saw this little vase with bumps on it (the description doesn't do it justice) and there was something about that vase that I loved so I told her if she found another one, I would be grateful. Anyway, while up at the cottage on the weekend I popped into this roadside antique shop and found the same kind of glass in what looks like two votive candle holders. Then, my mother in law came over today and surprised me with the another version of the little vase I had complimented... she found it at a second hand store.

Anyway, what I love most about them is actually what I discovered they are called - it's white milk glass. Doesn't that sound nice? Don't know what I'm going to do with them but they're just so pretty.

Speaking of white, I painted my mantle white today. Three coats - the first one was without kids, the second one was painful because the kids wanted to help and the third one I rushed through while I distracted them with a movie. More on that later....I have to figure out how I'm now going to style the new look.

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