So this past weekend marked another year over for me.  I am now officially in my mid thirties (holy shit!!) although I'm at the beginning of my mid thirties...(I'm scrambling here to make myself feel better about it).  I think everyone has that birthday every half decade or so that just feels different.  That makes you take stock and think about what you've accomplished and have yet to accomplish.  Things that you want to improve in your life, like how to be a better partner, daughter, friend and of course mother.  Sitting back and actually reflecting on what works in my life and what I need improve upon has always been a struggle for me.  When it comes to myself, like most of us, I don't really want to hear about my negative attributes.  I get defensive and yes, sometimes angry about it but I feel like being in your mid thirties means that it's time to start being accountable for your actions and attitude, not sometimes, but all the time.  So here it goes, I'm going to try and stop making excuses, try to stop procrastinating, accomplish what I set out to accomplish, be it a change in diet or consistently exercising and of course taking a leap of faith and being a bit more fearless.  I need to worry less and enjoy more.

As for my birthday weekend, being in mid August I'm used to nice weather and not this strange "Augtober" we had for the past few days.  I was intending on a spa day and a dinner out but instead opted for a weekend up at my Aunt and Uncles cottage, just the 4 of us.  I finally got to go to Port Carling to the Grand Electric there.  It was great other than the downpour that kept us in doors.  We had an amazing Sunday swimming and sitting out on the deck followed by a lovely surf and turf dinner at my parents. (I had 3 lobster tails!) 

With all my reflecting also came a deep sense of gratitude that I have such a wonderful family and life.  All the below pictures are from my parents backyard last night.










On a superficial note, I did manage to get myself a few things I've coveting.  More on those later!


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