Kate, When I embarked on decorating Peter's room I knew I had to use what I already had and make the best of it. I had the black dressers, which were my childhood set that Mike had painted for us for our old bedroom before we had built ins.  Plus, I had heard that black in a bedroom was lucky for a boy...don't ask me where I heard this but I just remembered it.  The drapes were once in our dining room.  The coca cola sign was from my parents house and it was in some long forgotten corner.  His light fixture is an old fan that we spray painted black.  The queen bed was ours before we decided to get a king.  I decided I didn't want Peter to have an actual bed yet because he fell off one and smacked his head pretty badly.  So, until he stops moving around like a maniac while he sleeps, on the floor the mattress will stay.  I've always loved the look of wainscoting but instead of installing it we just decided to paint it in.  There are a lot of cars, trucks and buses because that's what he loves and I wanted his room to be a place that he felt was just for him.

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