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This cafe is in Vancouver and I've never been but I love it.  Like I want to move in or make it the place I go to work everyday.  It's called Matchstick and apparently it has a fantastic earl grey and poppy seed sourdough crumble muffin.  My friend Jenna sent me the pictures because of course, she knew I'd love it.  The poured concrete floors, wood, black and white are both warm and clean. It's inspiring to look at spaces like this and envision how you can incorporate it into your home, dream home or office.  I especially dig the black and white wall with the thin piece of wood trim. But back to Jenna, she is always someone I can count on when it comes to taste.  Her taste in clothes, sunglasses, music and design is always laser sharp.  A head of the curve.  No BS, if you will, only the good stuff.  She's always had a less is more vibe going even when it wasn't "the thing."  I think it takes a lot of confidence to start stripping away "stuff" and making sure that what's left is good.  Really, really good.