Kate, Vase 1

Vase 2





I went to Chapters Indigo last week and as always I loved pretty much everything. They have some awesome markdowns right now.  I got that overwhelmed feeling when you are looking around and the prices are great and everything is great and you don't know what to buy so just you just buy nothing because you can't make a decision.  Only this time that didn't happen...

The white vase was under $10, the candle (I love voluspa) was just over $10 and the necklace was $5! Now the last two pictures of the book and the bath product were not on sale but sometimes you need to curate a really nice night for yourself after a hectic day.  I encourage everyone to do the same.  Not tonight since we'll be pumping some iron but tomorrow night after the kids are down you'll finding me with a glass of wine, candle, book and bath, oh yeah.