Kate, Mussels

I feel badly for my impromptu vacation from blogging but several things made it so that it just wasn't possible.  One of which is this horrific cold I'm fighting that I just heard from the 4th person may last 3 weeks!  Please say it ain't so.  That's just cruel any time, never mind in the summer.

Tonight we had mussels at my parents place.  Whenever my mom offers these up I'm there regardless of how I'm feeling.  My mom makes two really lovely and simple recipes for mussels and here's the first one.


Today when I was piling them in my bowl my uncle actually said to me "I was wondering how many people you were making that bowl for?!"  It made me laugh because of the comment you made at our dinner at La Cubana last week when you mentioned that you usually don't see the only child syndrome coming out in me but that you did when it related to food.  Oh well, we all can't be perfect!