Amanda, Cottage life is great. I have read a book from start to finish... does that say it all?

With no internet, things are pretty different around here. Correction: we do have internet but the speed that it operates on is circa 1995. Do you remember pressing a button and then leaving the room to do something else while your page loaded? Yep, that's what we are dealing with. Consequently, there is lots of reading and talking, amidst the frog and snake catching (yes i said snake... gross.)

The other plus and minus is the amazing food my mom makes. I single handedly ate a big jar of biscotti. We've had ribs and hamburgers and fresh salad with mint from the garden and ice cream and brownies for dessert. I'm several pounds up for sure.

Here are some pics I snapped. I tried to convince my dad again to paint out the main part of the cottage white. But his love affair for dark wood is unwavering. My mom just rolls her eyes.