Kate, kitchen 4

I was going through pinterest the other day and tried to pin the same thing twice.  It's the above picture.  I had pinned it months before because I love a nice slab of marble backsplash, the mix of wood and of course the open shelves.  I look at my kitchen all the time thinking about how I could incorporate open shelving.  Would I need a bigger pantry, is it practical, do I just need to purge a good amount of stuff to make it work?  I mean my cupboards are packed!  I don't think that there is a kitchen reno in our future.  Whenever I bring up my want of white countertops I get a lot of "never going to happen" in response...if we moved it would happen.  Sometimes it seems like renovating your house that already works is just frivolous and unnecessary.  There is definitely a long list of things that I can think of that would be money better spent but sometimes my need of designing something new, being creative, seeing change gets the better of me and the dreaming begins.  Really the only option is to move and start from scratch right!?  Because then it's no longer an option of frivolous, it's we bought the worst house on the street and I guess we have to put in open shelving, white countertops, wood and a beautiful, thick, piece of marble backsplash.  Here are a few other pictures of kitchens I'm dreaming about.

Hecker Guthrie Kinderis

Kitchen 1

kitchen 3

Here's to finding the crappiest house on the street and making some dreams happen.


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