Kate, seven lives

I know the weekend was several days ago but I haven't had a chance to blog since then so all I'll say is I love your backyard, the twinkle lights and your ridiculously warm pool.  The impromptu swim, wine, pizza combo was so great that we stayed for 7 hours instead of 2!  That was Saturday, Sunday was about Tacos.

Like I said, I know the secret's out on this place but I'm still going to blog about it because it was great.  We got to Kensington at 11 am on Sunday, when you're up at 6 am lunch at 11 am seems a ok, but it didn't open until noon.  At 11:50 am there was already a line outside.  We got the baja taco which is fried mahi mahi and tastes exactly like any southern cali fish taco.  It's nice that I don't have to be in California to have a taco like that.  We also had the shrimp taco (not my fav) and the blackened fish taco, this for me was the standout.  The fish was perfect, the spice was incredible and the creamy guacamole was dream worthy.  You also get a really great portion of fish with both of them.  There's no skimping here.

tacos 1

tacos 2

It's also a great excuse to get some meat for a bbq at Sanagan's.  Just go.  Go go go!