Kate, PIlates

Let's talk workouts.  I am always so impressed by how consistent you are with running.  I just find it so easy to prioritize something else over my workouts.  Maybe it's because when I did it as a job I didn't have to think about it.  I just did it and it wasn't an option of this or that.  Now I always find that there's something else that's calling my name in the 2 hours I get to myself each day...laundry or workout, coffee or workout, clean the house or workout, blog or workout, sit on my butt and have a glass of wine or workout...you get the picture.  The truth of the matter is that you either commit to it or you don't.  We often say we don't have the time but really most of the time it's that we chose to do something else instead.  Well that's all about to change because I went bathing suit shopping on Sunday and aside from the fact that I will be wearing my bathing suit in front of the usual suspects I also have to wear one in front of a huge handful of people at my friends pre wedding pool party, yippee! (just joking Jen, although I may just stay in my cover up the whole time or turn to drinking which will give me lots of confidence, right!?)

Okay, so here's my workout suggestions for the lady that doesn't have a load of time.  I do AKT videos online. These are amazing workouts.  Cardio/sculpting the whole shabang. Pilates, if I don't do my own routine I go to pilatesanytime.com or the best option is to go to a class or a private.  For cardio, I like to do T25 or some sort of made up interval training or running (my running and your running are very different things).

The trick is to figure out what keeps you inspired to exercise.  All joking aside, I am motivated mostly by feeling strong and capable.  I hate when I feel like I don't have the strength to do something.  I also love the feeling of accomplishment that staying active gives you.  Getting stronger, running longer and looking better.  It really is amazing.