Kate, Clothes for Isla

Last week I bought the above clothes for Isla.  It's by this line called Tea and it's carried at Lapin Calin.  Have you been there?  And if so, why haven't you told me about it!  It's right on Brentwood across from the Library.  We've passed it countless times together.  The truth is that whenever I'm on that side of Bloor shopping doesn't really enter my mind.  It's either library, starbucks, bake sale or rainbow songs.  I was getting my nails done last week and parked on Brentwood. I had a few minutes to spare and ended up staying a bit longer then expected because everything was so cute.  I really love that there is such a wonderful children's boutique right in The Kingsway.

Lapin 2

Lapin 3

Lapin 5

Lapin 6

Lapin 7

Lapin 9

I'm pretty stoked that there's a place 5 min from home that has great clothing, shoes, blankets, backpacks and baby necessities.  The gift options are endless.  I also love the line Tea.  As you can see it's all adorable.  If you live in the west end it's definitely a store to check out.


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