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Our weekend was wonderful.  One of the reasons...I didn't cook dinner once!  I love to cook but for some reason have been feeling a little uninspired as of late and really appreciated the break. Friday we were invited by our lovely neighbours for some wings on the bbq.  It was scrumptious. Saturday was awesome at your place by the pool and of course Sunday, Father's Day, was at my grandparents.  It was a day that sadly I didn't get to spend with Mike but one which made me appreciate what a good father he is and how much he does and how the kids adore him.  Lucky we are.

In other news, we finally booked everything for our trip to Nelson, BC.  I am thrilled beyond belief that this trip is actually a reality now.  Nothing makes it real like actually booking the tickets.  We are going for one of my dearest and oldest friends' weddings of which I am in the wedding party. I literally can't wait!  It made me think about summer vacations today.  Ones that I've done and ones that I would like to take and I thought I would share a little treasure with you.  Crystal Cove Beach Cottages.  The above picture is a little slice of the heaven that it is.  It's in Laguna Beach and most times that I visit usually include a stroll on the beach there.  It's a beautiful and long stretch of beach.  I remember years ago going in the summer and watching people eating and drinking on their decks while their kids played in the surf.  It seemed like we were so far removed from Laguna and almost this day and age.  It just looked so simple and fun.  There's a great little beach shack/restaurant next to the cottages.  The best part is that you walk up the hill and are at a plaza with a Trader Joe's, an amazing taco place, boutiques, a starbucks.  Drive 10 minutes and you are in the heart of Laguna Beach.


Not sure if you recognize the cottage above but it's the beach house in the movie Beaches. (Don't even get me started on that movie. If anyone has a copy of it please lend it to me).  It's the only one that you can't rent or that doesn't seem to be restored.  The cottages were built in the 30's and 40's and have been restored with details from that time.  Although it's not a 5 star experience in my life often the best times were those camping with my family and friends. Everyone pitching in, laughing, talking because the only thing you really have to do is be together away from all "extras" that often clutter and take away from actually connecting with one another.


Have I convinced you yet?


Last photo taken by Chris Launi from the California Coastal Commission photo contest.

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