Kate, White nails

I know that white nail polish was "in" last summer and it will probably be "out" this summer but I'm still in to it. It always makes me laugh that there are "in" and "out" nail shades.  Seriously, it's nail polish!  So easy to change, so you may as well experiment and have fun with it. I love that white goes with everything and looks great with a tan. It never clashes with any outfit or sandal. I feel like you either love it or hate it though and I'm not going to lie and say that I only got positive feedback. I can tell you this though, people notice. Last summer I had white toes the week I had Isla and every female dr. and nurse had a comment.  I remember saying that I always heard/read that they aren't focusing on your toes or whether you had a pedicure or shaved and they laughed and said "we notice!"

As for my two favourite white shades they are Essie Blanc (above colour) and Marshmallow (a little more subtle).


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