Amanda, I love the section of Toronto Life magazine that highlights a couple homes for sale in the city and tells the tale of the buyer... my inner realtor lives vicariously through these stories. The website does something similar: features a house a week. Well, this week's home is a dream. AND it is on High Park Blvd in Bloor West Village, the neighbourhood I grew up in and still hold dear to my heart.

As background, this house is #35 High Park Blvd and was owned by an editor at Good Housekeeping magazine. It is/was listedĀ for 2.4 million and I don't know if some lucky buyer has snatched it up yet. I am just going to post pictures and you will see why this house is beyond blog-worthy. Honestly.

Black trim, old and new, marble, white on white bathrooms, windows and wainscotting, painted brick and loads of space (more pics can be found here.)


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