Kate, Teatro 2I'm sad I missed out on an afternoon at the pool as well and I love all the little changes you made to your home.  Sometimes small things just give you a boost, some new energy, it somehow parlays in to other areas of your life as well.  Change is good.

Our weekend shaped up to be lots of fun.  Mike and I had been promising Peter for a long time to take him to the ROM to see the dinosaurs and when we gave him several options to chose from on Saturday the dinosaurs were at the top of the list.  So we packed up the kids and made an afternoon of it.  We did the ROM and walked and lunched in Yorkville.  I hadn't been in a while and it kinda made me feel like a tourist in my own city.  I did snap a few pictures at Teatro Verde. I always love stopping in there to look at all the little treasures and the pretty flowers.  I unfortunately didn't make it upstairs since I had the stroller.

Teatro 1

Teatro 3

Teatro 4

Teatro 6

We spent the rest of the evening in our backyard having a bbq and a few glasses of wine talking about Machu Picchu with a friend of mine.  Looking at her pictures and hearing her tales made me yearn to experience more, travel more, get out of my little bubble.  And although I am grateful for what I have and all that I do get to experience I still hope that one day I will be lucky enough to take my children places like that.  Travel with my parents throughout my life has been some of the most special and important times for me.  Those memories are seared in my mind and I know that I want to impart that love of travel to my children.  Not to just sit on a beach (although that is very enjoyable and important in it's own way) but to shake them up and broaden their view of what life is like for others.  To celebrate other cultures and enjoy different foods!  I wanted to share one picture from Sarah's trip.  It's simply breathtaking.


I'm going to finish strong with talk of food.  Yesterday our intention was to go Kensington to try these fish tacos I keep hearing about.  Apparently they are the best fish tacos ever ( I am still doubtful, although my two sources are very  trustworthy).  For all of you who don't already know about this place it's called Seven lives tacos y mariscos.  The word is out on this place though so expect a line up.   Pictures and a review will be up on the blog if all goes according to plan this week at some point.

Happy Monday!


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