Amanda, Last night we had Chris' family over for his father's birthday. It was supposed to be an outdoor pool party and I was looking forward to it. The sun just wasn't breaking through the clouds though and their was a patter of rain. I wasn't the best hostess because everyone was inside and I obsessively cleaned instead of relaxing and making people feel at home. I felt bad afterwards. The highlight, however, was the swim in the rain - the kids thought it was the best and the water was warmer than the air so you could see steam rising and hear laughter from probably blocks away.

In the spirit of summer entertaining and the excitement that it brings me because it is so much easier than planning a dinner indoors... i've plucked some inspiration from pinterest - some people really know how to do it.

What impresses me most is how outdoor spaces are being given as much attention as indoor now, with couches and loungers that are prettier than some of the furniture found in living rooms and landscape accents that go far beyond the clay pot. And of course the lighting!



I love this one because of the chairs and the cozy bench and the mirror hanging on the wall - it would all look so cold if it weren't for the garden and  the trees overhanging. Image found here.


I'm always a sucker for a bunting. Also, that looks like an ikea curtain repurposed as a romantic table cloth. Smart. Image found here.


And I picked this one because of the outdoor chandelier and the table setting. Gorgeous. Image found here.