Amanda, Little changes can sometimes have great impact - to your mood, your home, your life.

I putzed around this week in my house and made a couple improvements: like I realized inadvertently that I needed a side table next to the couch in the family room and the owls on my mantel were tiring - they needed a repurpose and then of course flowers always lift me up. Thought I'd share my mini facelift.

photo 1

The peonies totally pop against the black. And like most people, I'm totally obsessed with peonies in all shapes and colours so imagine my pleasure when my mother in law called and said her peonies had bloomed and were ready to be plucked!

photo 3

Straight from Babcia's garden - aren't they beautiful?

photo 2

I found a tray at Target - not what I had originally envisioned but I really liked the size and the high lip. I wanted it to be accessible so I put it on my table and created a centerpiece with it.

photo 4

Lastly, I took this side table out of Max's room and added a terrarium and now I have a place for my coffee in the morning. Love it.

Hope you're having a great weekend. Sad you missed our pool afternoon but i'm sure yorkville was fun. Take any pics?