Amanda, Remember I told you about my friend Lindsay from University who ended up being my doula and helped me through the excruciating hours or labour? Oh yeah, she saw me in my purest form... and by pure, I mean raw, and by raw, I mean making very loud animal-type noises.

Anyway, her other passion is textiles - beautiful drapery and cushions that her family business has been churning out for years. Lindsay and her mom are responsible for Q Design Centre in Oakville, Ontario.

What caught my eye was their most recent partnership with Cobi Ladner and her Cobi Style drapery for their shop but through ETSY! So many of my obsessions in one: textiles, etsy and friends!

Here is a taste:




I wish I had seen those white curtains before I made my purchase for the family room. I know you love switching things up every season so just go here to shop.