Kate, lilac 6

My lilac tree has bloomed.  I know that purple is not your favourite colour but for me, in nature, it doesn't get much more beautiful than a lilac tree.  That pale purple and their smell is just enchanting.  I have lilac's all over the house currently.  On the kitchen and dining room table and in my bedroom.  I love flowers in the bedroom and have them in there all summer long since I just pick whatever is in season.

Lilac 1

This weekend our deck was sanded, so I no longer have to avert my eyes from it's peeling horror, we have a few herbs and planters happening and I plan to get a whole lot more on Thursday.  I can't wait for impromptu summer bbq's and all that goes along with that.  This also means that I'll probably be drinking a lot more wine which is good and bad.  I've had a policy since Isla that I only have a glass or two on the weekends, unless out somewhere ,and I have a feeling that's about to go out the window.  It's so difficult to be strict with anything food/drink related. Someone's always inviting you over to their house or the opposite or to a patio.  Then I try and say I will order a salad and water and then suddenly before me lies a glass of wine and something carby.  It's also that time to switch up my closets to summer clothes.  I already changed my bedding and drapes in my room to reflect the season.  Oh summer, please don't leave too quickly.

lilac 3

lilac 4