Amanda, It's been a busy weekend. You saw me yesterday with five kids at the park. I meant to show you the nest we found outside the gate of 5 baby robins. They were so cute. All with their little mouths open waiting for worms. The kids were totally enthralled and probably would have brought one home if they hadn't been in the guardianship of an adult.

Last night we had so much fun at Chris' cousins wedding. We danced, we laughed, we were kid free! I said I would post a pic of the jumper I wore... unfortunately all the pics of us at the wedding were kinda blurry, so I had to take a random selfie at home and even then its a horrible pic. I felt like such a teenager!




Jumper from M for Mendocino. The best part was how comfortable it was to wear. The shoes, not so much...

The other amazing thing that happened this weekend was what I found at our nursery school garage sale. I almost jumped for joy: three mongolian fur pillow covers.

photo 1

photo 2

These things retail at West Elm for $100 a piece. I caught a glimpse of them in a plastic bag and thought... no, it couldn't be. Imagine my elation when I opened the bag and found not one but three of them in perfect condition!

Just have to figure out how to wash mongolian fur since I don't know where they came from, after all.