Kate, This long weekend didn't really shape up exactly as planned.  A little bit of family health drama and a vicious sore throat has me feeling like I've been hit by a bus.  On Sunday I was pretending I wasn't sick, I carried on, entertained the family in the morning, went to friends for a bbq, drank...several glasses, which mixed with the painkillers actually seemed to erase the pain!  Silly, silly me thinking I could pretend I wasn't sick.  Sometimes you really have to listen to your body otherwise it will just punish you in the end.

We opted out of the cottage to stay in the city to try and accomplish something of a makeover for our deck.  It's so ugly that we tried to get on to Diaster Decks last year.  Now the stain is peeling which makes it look even worse.  Seriously, I could crawl into a hole every time I look at it.  So a distraction is needed. These Loeffler Randall Handbags are doing the trick except they are out of stock!  Eye candy it is for now.

black and white

bucket bag

Lock clutch


On to Zucchini Carpaccio. I was looking at People a few weeks back and came across this recipe. Looks super yummy.  Perfect side for a summer bbq.  And if that recipe isn't enough here's another version to try as well.  I can't wait to give both of them a go.  Dreaming of being healthy and eating this along with a glass of white wine.