Kate, mint 1

I love me some mint!  I love it in food, in drink and I even love the colour.  I posted that eggplant and mint recipe about a month ago in This and That and now I'm going tell you about my way to get more water in during the day.  I squeeze one juicy lime and orange and rip up some mint and put it in a big jug of water.  You have to let the mint sit in there for a good hour or two for the flavour to really penetrate.  It usually lasts me two days.  It's so lovely and refreshing.

Mint 3

Mint 2

And while I'm on my mint kick here's a fish and mint recipe that I L O V E!  It's from Gwyneth Paltrow's It's all good.  This is an awesome summer recipe.  Put this on your list of recipes to try this month!


One last mint thing.  This mint kitchen is to die for.  I pinned this a while ago and I still love it. I know it's not just the colour mint itself that makes me adore this kitchen, although I do love how unexpected it is.  It's how the mint goes with the marble backsplash, the white floor (again), the shelf, the art (that was a previous post).  Gorgeous!

mint kitchen