Amanda, Funny that you wrote about missing your family on mother's day cause I had a similar feeling today. I woke up so excited that M2 was spending the day with my mom and M1 had school of course... a whole day to myself. Normally I spend a part of a day like this cleaning or doing laundry but I was all caught up so I thought I'd run some errands and pop into Sherway in between. After my Starbucks coffee and a quick tour of Homesense I got this pang - an i miss my kids pang. What the heck? I dream of moments of aloneness and there I was, only an hour had passed and I was picturing their little faces, craving their presence.

Motherhood is crazy.

My rational self prevailed. I wanted to check out the new JCrew and maybe look for an outfit for a wedding in two weeks.

JCrew was lovely and the Crewcuts were particularly adorable but I couldn't justify $60 for a toddler dress.

What I really loved were the Chapters votives and vases - gorgeous white washed mason jars and ombre containers. Perfect for the summer nights that we never thought were coming. I can picture them on the patio with candles or flowers.





I also found a fabulous dressy jumper at Mendocino that I bought for the wedding. I don't have an online photo so maybe I will post one when I'm all dressed up in it and feeling fancy.


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