Kate, Tulips

The weekend flew by in a flurry of birthdays, events, hair and nail appointments (yippee) and a nice relaxing Mother's Day.  I woke up to an empty house and enjoyed a quiet coffee but immediately wanted my family back.  I actually thought I wanted time alone this Mother's Day (doesn't ever happen) but ended up just wanting to be around my family.  I went shopping with the intention of picking something out for myself but once I got there I wandered around finding nada and just wanting to go home.  (I did love two skirts from J Crew and almost bought them but I started thinking all practical. How often do I wear skirts? Are they comfortable?  Does my day to day life really lend it's self to skirts?)  So I started looking at dresses that would be easy to slip on and be comfortable but still look stylish and came across this beautiful boho inspired one.

Freepeople dress

It's by Free People and honestly I want a zillion dresses from them and I'm not even sure this one is my favourite!  It's the most affordable of my fav's though and I think you could wear it day or night.

Pink chair

I also came across this picture on Pinterest and fell in love.  It looks so serene.  I really love everything about it.  The pink chair, the rug, the white, the art, the mix of modern and traditional lighting, the white flooring.  It really really makes me want to get my white fireplace in and I can't place the blame on Mike.  Either he works on the mantel or he spends time with us (or golfing...but that's a whole other story).  I'm hoping to have it done by Pete's birthday but who am I kidding, the only way that's going to happen is if we don't go to the cottage this weekend.

Anyhoo, have a great and productive Tuesday everyone.  May as well get stuff done in this weather so that you can really enjoy the outdoors when it's sunny out!


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