Kate, TTH Blooms

Shout out to the two super special and cool people out there whose names starts with M and have a birthday today!  Obviously great people are born on May 9th.  I love you both and wish you the most fabulous of years.  Best friends are hard to come by and I've been blessed to have the same one since I was 3.  Who through all our ups and downs in life is still there and like a sister to me.


Today is going to be a beauty of a day (only 40% chance of rain and I only believe when it says 60%).  It's  going to be warm, warm, warm!  I'm sitting here looking at my backyard and the trees are beginning to bloom.  I'm feeling very grateful and excited for a warm and lovely Mother's Day.  Not sure if you remember last Mother's Day but lovely it was not!  Whipping wind and hail is what I remember.


Speaking of Mother's Day.  I'm feeling particular grateful right now that I am a mom and that I have such a wonderful mom.  Sometimes at the end of the day I look at my children sleeping (the best part of the day all peaceful and beautiful) and my heart feels like it could explode with love.  Some days I go to bed and I feel guilty that I didn't do a good enough job.  Maybe I got too frustrated or I wasn't patient enough or they didn't have enough fruits and veggies and could have eaten healthier or we should have read more books.  I now know that mothering is a tough and complicated job!  A wonderful job too!  One that does deserve it's own day.  A day for us to be reflective of all our mother's do and have done for us and a day to be grateful that we get to be mother's ourselves! I think it's something I need to work on thinking about all the time.  Not just now on the eve of Mother's Day weekend. (Yes, I am now declaring it a weekend event).


Mother's Day should also be a day where we are spoiled a bit!  I was about to post a bunch of things to be spoiled with but who are we kidding, we all already have several things in mind, right?!  I will say this though, Club Monaco and J Crew are particularly rocking it these days. Loving everything in there right now.  You can also never go wrong with a trip to Holts!  Whatever it is you want for Mother's Day, whether it be time with your family or time alone.  A day at the spa or shopping.  A beautiful home cooked meal or a meal out.  I hope you get it!  Along with a clean house, a coffee made for you the moment you get up and some flowers.

*All the above photo's are TTH Blooms.  The most beautiful of arrangements.  If I were in New York, I'd be hoping for one of these on Sunday morning!



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