Kate, So the weekend started off with a bang, I went to the spa, and ended with a thump, Peter is sick again.  I walked into my parents place and he was sleeping, as you know my little energizer bunny does not sleep, so the alarm/panic bells went off and sure enough he had a fever.  Having just gotten over both of the little ones being sick, I felt like crying.  A cool and collected mama I am not.  Last night Mike and I were watching tv and I looked at him, all calm and relaxed, and asked if he felt panicked (I already know the answer so I'm not sure why I ask) he said "No, it's a fever.  He's fighting something, it's a good thing."  Me, I continued to run in and out of his room touching his head making sure that nothing had changed for several hours.

Switching on to food!  I made chicken tacos on Saturday.  I asked Alexis for the chicken recipe portion and switched a few things around to make it even easier.  If you want to do the OG here it is.  http://norecipes.com/braised-chicken-tacos-recipe/

What I changed, mostly to make it easier, and also because I went grocery shopping prior to deciding I had to have tacos and lacking some of the ingredients was,

I used chicken breasts

I used San Marzano strained tomatoes.

I used shallots

I put cinnamon in instead of cinnamon sticks

I used San Miguel Salsa de Chipotle instead of doing the whole chile portion of the recipe.  I also poured in some salsa into the mix as well.  When I poured all the different sauces in I just kept trying it and adjusting until I liked what I tasted.  Otherwise, I did what the recipe asked.

I finished up the tacos with guacamole, crema/mexican style cream (if you've never had it, it's like cream cheese and sour cream together- I could eat it with a spoon), corn tortillas and queso cheese.  You can get everything listed at La Tortillaria including the chiles, if you want to do the real deal.  Also, when I had this at Lex's she grilled pineapple which was awesome.



Lastly, Mike and I are going to an event/gala on Saturday.  The dress code is black tie and gowns...gowns!? Hmmmm, well there are no gowns in this house, so I started looking online and came across this dress.

White dress

There's just something about it.  Sadly, my hesitation on purchasing it means that it would most likely arrive too late.  That's what friends are for, right!

p.s  Speaking of gowns, the MET gala is tonight.  Let the fun begin!



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