Amanda, As you know, I ran the Mississauga half marathon this morning. I had the thought last night - why do I sign up for stuff like this? I have to wake up early, drag my whole family to the start line, freeze my butt off waiting for the gun to go off and then run for several hours. Hmmm.

Well, I remembered why I sign up for these things. It came flooding back as I heard the cheers and excitement of the crowd as we all started to run. I looked to my left and saw a man wearing a shirt that read "83 year old grandpa." And he was for sure 83.

The Mississauga run is a good one. It follows Mississauga rd, so I got to gaze at some beautiful homes. I even contemplated taking some pictures but was worried about messing up my pace.

At the 13 k mark, my hair elastic broke. Ahhhh! Imagine running another 8 km with your hair flapping in your face? Horrific. So I found this sweet looking girl handing out juice and asked her if I could have her hair tie.... Only in those circumstances is that ok. Her name was Joanna - thank you Joanna for saving the day!

At 15 km the song "Say something" came on my iPad and I started crying. I started thinking about all the people who were running for someone, I thought of my uncle who died of cancer several years ago and how it wasn't fair that he was so young. I thought of my mom, who misses him and what a wonderful person she is. I thought of my kids and my husband who were waiting at the finish line and how much I adore them and I picked up my pace.

I crossed that finish line with a smile on my face! Until I saw the woman next to me start puking her guts out. Ugh.

Needless to say, it was worth the training and the early morning and dragging my family. I can now eat a big plate of pasta for dinner and maybe some mini eggs. Oops, I threw those out. Big mistake!