Kate, I'm very tired.  I've been out, doing something, 7 out of 8 nights.  Whether it be drinks, a school meeting, dinner out, a movie or my beloved spinning (wink wink).  I'm am not trying to complain about being busy with fun plans but seriously, I'm not equipped for this non stop life anymore! Especially when my 8 month old isn't sleeping well.  All of this is making me think of vacationing.

Recently there has been a lot of talk of a big group trip to Spain.  The last time I went to Spain I was 20 or 21 years old (I don't even remember anymore, it was that long ago) we went to San Sebastian but I missed out on Barcelona which has always bothered me.  It's one of those places I really, really want to see and that I always felt I missed out on.

Since this summers calendar is already fully booked, we are thinking summer/fall 2015.  We need to look at large places, villas if you will, and because the group is large, the planning has to start now.  Here is one of the places that Brenda has sent our way.  I love the feel and design of it. Terracotta floors, dark wood beams and white.

Villa 1

villa 2

Villa 3

villa 4

villa 5

villa 6

villa 8

villa 9


Excuse the caption in the corner but I had to post these pics.  Don't you just want to go there right now!?  Btw, you will be finding me parked out on my couch the next 3 nights at least.