Kate, You already know this story but I'm going to tell it anyways.  Back when we bought this house I wanted the wall up the stairs to be white.  I wanted the whole room to be white.  I chose BM white dove because it looked like a nice crisp white but with a little bit of warmth.  I was an idiot because I came when the room was already painted and pretended like I liked it even though I right away thought it was too warm, too creamy.  I thought I would just get used to it.  I now know that I do not get used to things I don't like. I can't pretend.  So, I lived with it for a year.  All I really wanted was to paint it white. Not cream, white.  Mike thought I was crazy.  We went to Alexis's and Mike's and I saw the grey/blue in their kitchen.  I loved it there.  Thought it was just gorgeous.  Found out it was farrow and ball Parma Grey.  Mike had no issue with helping me paint the wall because it would be an actual colour.  A real change.  It's funny because I remember talking to you about it and you said don't do it.  I did it anyways and to be honest I liked it for a little while.  I didn't love it like in Lex's place but I liked it.  It was better than the cream.  The issue now is that I have framed tons of pictures to do a gallery wall up the stairs and to hang everything is going to be a major effort.  Which means once those pictures go up, they will not be coming down.  Hence the paint will never be changed.  So you know what that means, right!?  White it is.  When I talked to Mike about it I knew it wasn't going to go down well.

Mike - "You want to paint the wall that was white in the first place, back to white a year later?"

Me - " It was cream and yes"

Mike - "go a head but I'm not doing it."

I honestly can't blame him!  If I were him I wouldn't do it either.  The problem is that this is not a small wall and I'm not even sure how I'm going to reach certain areas.  My hope is that when he sees me struggling he will step in.  We shall see how this plays out.

Moral of the story.  Test your paint first on the wall to see if you actually like it in the space and in the light it will be in AND if you don't like it, change it while the painter you hired is still there!

wall 1

wall 2

- Amanda