Amanda, I went shopping for my family room after I left your house this morning. I realized that I love shopping where there is a Starbucks. I think that's why I often end up at Target and West Elm. I also realized that I love the Starbucks bistro box: that cracker with a bit of cheese and a craisin on top = perfect lunch. M2 gobbled up the egg... Then a coffee to go!

Anyway, I bought these:


Three of the square variety from West Elm. Then I picked up some paper from The Paper Place to fill the frames. I haven't hung them yet but Chris held one up on the wall and I liked what I saw.

Then I found this gem at CB2:



I plunked it on my couch and the texture is just what I needed.

My shopping trip took a disappointing turn, however, when it saw the coffee table I had picked in real life and realized it is really short. I stood there looking at it for a long time wondering if I could deal with the stature but it just bothered me. You would have to lean down to put your mug on the table. Also, the marble was unprotected so potentially very stain inducing.


Back to the drawing board.