Amanda, I've been slowly working on our family room facelift. I'm priding myself on how thrifty I've been. I sold the carpet on a local marketplace network and used that money to buy three new frames. I used a gift card to buy gorgeous new curtains (they completely transformed the room on their own.) Rather than have 6 pillows on my couch I downsized to 3.  So far I'm thrilled.

My latest contemplation is a new coffee table. I told M1 that he could turn the current one into a Lego table so that we'd be recycling. What I really want is a combination of round and marble. These are the options:


I fell in love with this one from West elm initially. It is so feminine and reminds me of something Christine Dovey would have in her home. However, I'd be introducing gold to the room and I'm hesitant to do that.


Then I saw this, a pretty complement to my mid-century modern console.  It's also West Elm and reasonable.



Lastly, Meg told me about CB2's marble coffee table. It's more modern, is a bit bigger and would complement our curtain rod.

What's a girl to do?


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