Mila's 4th Birthday just happened. My baby is four! Such mixed emotions about that. Can't even think about her first day of Kindergarten.

She and I decided on a Strawberry Shortcake theme for her all-girl party. I've learned that I have to run everything by her because assuming she is going to like something, like an adorable red checkered romper, should just never be assumed.

Anyway, I also quickly realized a week before the party that Strawberry Shortcake went off the air a while ago so everything in store was pretty much discontinued. But who doesn't like a challenge?


















strawberry jam and cream cheese sandwiches

strawberry apple sauce

strawberry yogurt

strawberry licorice

fruit skewers

strawberry shortcakes

scones for the moms


egg race

smartie suck

pass the parcel

hide the strawberries

The girls were so good and super cute. It was a great day for Mila and I managed not to shed a tear.

We arranged for the ice cream truck to come by in the evening so that her birthday was a full day affair. Now I'm all partied out. Ready for a relaxing weekend.